The Pur Delta 8 Difference

What is Delta 8?

In case you haven’t heard yet– Delta 8 is taking the cannabinoid industry by storm. Delta 8 offers a unique experience compared to a similar cannabinoid– Delta 9. It is less potent but still offers similar benefits of euphoria, happiness, and relaxation. Delta 8 is for sale and available on a national level, though you will have to check with your individual state to see if Delta 8 is legal.

What exactly is Delta 8?

In layman’s terms: Delta-8 is slightly different in its reaction to the endocannabinoid system because of the location of its double bond. This is the idea behind the difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9. 


How do you use Delta 8? 

Delta 8 can be used in several different ways but the 2 most popular ways are edibles and vapes. It comes down to pure preference on which one the consumer may choose to enjoy, though the delivery of each of them can be vastly different. 

How is Pur Delta 8 Different? 

First and foremost, our consumers can rest assured that our products are tested to the fullest extent to guarantee quality, potency, and purity. We boast about our 93%+ potency, and only expect better potency moving forward. We have decided to take a new approach to Delta 8 and a mission to bring the best blends and methods to our products as possible. 

Pur Delta 8 Edibles: Pur Delta 8 offers 2 types of edible gummies– White Grapefruit and Rainbow Ribbons. Each of them produces a bold, juicy flavor followed by the calming sensation once the delta 8 kicks in. Both, overall, provide an overall invigorating experience allowing the terpenes to carry the taste all the way till its bitter-sweet end.

Pur Delta 8 Vapes: We offer both disposables and cartridges. The makings of the cartridge not only are made with premium structuring but provide great airflow from the bottom (1.6mm intake holes) that has a unique anti-leak design. The disposables…

come with the same unbeatable features; offering the user multiple heat options, tactical button, and a rechargeable battery. With both items, the terpene infusion is derived from the market’s most popular strains. Each terpene was specifically chosen for its aromatic effects on the user when combined with cannabinoids.

We have spent countless hours perfecting our formulations and special terpene blends to take full advantage of hemp’s entourage effect while providing a potent Delta 8 extract. All handcrafted in small batches to ensure we can provide the best product possible as always.

While we understand that Delta 8 is becoming a competitive market, no matter what company a consumer may choose, it’s always important to make sure that lab tests and purity promises are available at any time. Since Delta 8 is not federally regulated, it’s easy for companies to promote a product that does not have the same standards. 

Pur Delta 8 is dedicated to producing quality products that leave an effective yet unique experience. We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Pur Delta 8 as it serves the community in a powerful, yet relaxing, way. Welcome to “Hemp Reimagined”!

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