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Edible Line

Sour Rainbow RIbbons

Entice your taste buds with tasty drops of Delta 8 enhanced with a superior in house terpene blend. Each strip of rainbow ribbons gummies were hand crafted with you in mind with the purest Delta 8 tested for purity and potency.

$36.99 – $39.99

White GrapeFruit Slices

A new innovation in edible hemp extracts, we present our Delta 8 Grape Fruit Slices. Each bite enhanced with a terpene paring just for you. The flavorful and full bodied tangy taste is surely to make your sweet tooth satisfied. 

$36.99 – $39.99

Instant Relaxation

Delta 8 changes the game for the hemp industry offering a potent effect. Each bite tailored to make sure your daily woes are no match for such a powerful cannabinoid. Hand Crafted and Made with Love.

Invirgoration. Small Form Factor.

Vapor Line

Premium Disposable Vapor Device

Our rechargable vapor devices are the perfect solution for the on the go life style. With no filler materials and 100% natural terpenes, it is hard to find better Delta 8 than this. Shop with Pur, and enjoy maximum potency.


Premium Cartridge Vapor Device

Our catridges were made with style and functionality in mind. Paired with premium terpenes, protective sealing, anti leak design, and most importantly a wooden tip. This is how Delta 8 was made to be enjoyed, the Pur way.


Delta 8 is Elevation

The hemp industry is still young, and the lengths you can go to make a truley unique product is still unknown. We now believe with Pur Delta 8 we are cracking the code on the hemp experience.

Setting a Standard for Delta-8

Pur Delta, the purest alternative for Delta 8 products currently on the market. Boasting 96% potency only mixed with a in house terpene blend to ensure you are getting the best experience with you desired product. Offering 100% hemp derived extracts no matter the product.

Looking for potency? Look no further, if you are new to hemp or Delta 8 you are sure to have your socks knocked off with our superior blend. Our extracts offer the quickest onset and most relaxing results. All hand crafted only using 100% hemp derived compounds.

No matter the hemp product you are enjoying, it should all be tested. Rest easy knowing that Pur Delta 8 sends all of its products for testing. Testing specfically for heavy metals, purity, and potency. All of our extract test to be 100% compliant with current 2018 farm bill and local regulations.

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Pur Delta 8 Sour Rainbow Ribbon Edibles 480mg Jar

$36.99 – $39.99

Pur Delta 8 White Grapefruit Edibles 480mg Jar

$36.99 – $39.99

Pur Delta 8 Premium 93%+ Δ8 Disposable 1ML 


Pur Delta 8 Premium 93%+ Δ8 Cartridge 1ML


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