Delta 8 Sour Ribbons Edible Gummies

Terpene Enhanced for Each Flavor


Limited Supply

Delta 8 Sour Ribbons Edible Gummies

Terpene Enhanced for Each Flavor


  • Delta 8 Content 96% 96%
  • In House Terpene Blend 4% 4%
Each tasty bite of sour ribbons will bring you into another world of relaxation and wellness. Each bite dosed to perfection with 30mg of Delta 8 within each edible. Our in house hand crafted terpene blend will give you the complete entourage effect you will not be able to find anywhere else.
Delta 8, terpenes, sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, citric acid, fumaric acid, artificial and natural flavors. Packaged in the same facility as peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and milk products.
Hand Crafted With You In Mind
Each gummy is insured to have 25mg of Delta 8 enhanced with our in-house terpene blend while keeping the premium flavor of our world class edibles.
Our extracts are hand selected for being the best on the market. Applied in a CGMP compliant lab, and hand crafted just for you.
Lab Tested
All of our products under go third party lab testing to ensure the product is what we intend to be. Tested for heavy metals, potency, and purity on all levels. We go the extra mile at Pur Delta to keep all of our products compliant with local and goverment regulations regarding hemp derived extracts.
Terpene Enhanced
All of our products are enhanced with our own blend of all natural terpenes to truly give you the entourage effect you deserve. Adding flavor and depth to each tasty bite you take.
Delta 8 Sour Ribbons Edible Gummies
Welcome to the newest innovation in the hemp industry Delta 8 extract. We have spent countless hours perfecting the forumulation for our delta 8 blend. We are finally ready to release it to the masses to change the industry with our terpene enhanced forumulation. Our sour ribbons are the perfect choice for enhancing your Delta 8 edible experience. Each bite is coated in sour crystals which have been coated with a perfect layer of terpenes for enhanced flavoring offering a complete hemp experience. Offering you the best effects the hemp plant has to offer all wrapped up in one product. If you are looking for quality and potency then Pur Delta 8 is your best choice.

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(11 customer reviews)

Pur Delta 8 Sour Rainbow Ribbon Edibles 480mg Jar

$36.99 – $39.99

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Pur Delta 8 White Grapefruit Edibles 480mg Jar

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Pur Delta 8 Premium 93%+ Δ8 Disposable 1ML 


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Pur Delta 8 Premium 93%+ Δ8 Cartridge 1ML


11 reviews for Delta 8 Sour Ribbons Edible Gummies

  1. Elizabeth Callen (verified owner)

    If you haven’t purchased this product you need to. My 84 yr old Aunt has horrible back issues and can barley walk some days. This product takes her anxiety and pain away.

  2. William H Harwell (verified owner)

    Incredible product.. I enjoyed the taste but most of all the effects.. Its a slow onset of relaxation, calm and serenity with a light buzz as a kicker.. You can go about your day as normal with a positive boost!


    It works can’t stop buying… Great taste!

  4. Elizabeth Callen (verified owner)

    Love. Ribbons and grapefruit and you definitely are chill and takes my anxiety away!

  5. AuntyMo

    Wueh! Zilinipasukia, they were a tad too bitter but what a great ride it was once it kicked in!

  6. Caroline Mbugua

    The person who recommended these to me referred to them as “an experience” and all I can say is Wow! Takes you to another world and relaxes your soul completely.I’ll always keep a container with me. Get yourself some and enjoy the ride :-)))

  7. Gr8ful

    I bought the ribbon gummies from a shop near home. Great results for my chronic pain. Thank you for such a great product!

  8. Jade Sutton

    Outstanding flavor! The experience is so pleasant. I enjoy the indica experience of these ribbons! Brett P was so kind to allow me to try some. Thank you PUR 8! Thank you Brett!

  9. Aileen Diaz

    These we give to my father-in-law whom has tremors, a type of Parkinson’s and it really slows down the tremors. We also use another product from this company, a full spectrum CBD gummy along with this delta eight gummy and it was the perfect formula!! Definitely a repeat client!

  10. Hailey Queen

    I enjoy the hempy taste paired with the gummies, it is a match made in heaven. I take one of these and I am off exploring the universe, I am very happy with the effects it has to offer. It is amazing how much hemp has changed.

  11. Icarus Macksin

    This is the best Delta 8 brand out there, the terpenes and full body flavors matched with the premium 30mg a piece gummies! It really is no match to other brands giving Delta 8 at the same price with less quality and potency. I do not think I could go back! Thank you so much Pur 🙂

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